Therapy of Demo Interviews With Successful People – Daniel Kandi – Producer, DJ and Label Owner

One of the aboriginal songs I heard from Daniel Kandi was ”Make Me Believe”, and at the time of its release, I was destroyed away. Although this song is now over 5 years old, it is still one of my favourite songs. Since then, I accept heard abounding added productions and remixes from Daniel.What stands out about him is not that he has been bearing for abounding years, but rather the actuality that his productions accept remained consistently top in quality. In the alpha of the year Daniel appear his first-ever articulate clue advantaged ”Change the World”. Not alone did this clue accept his brand assembly style, but it aswell had abundant vocals. This was not the alone aboriginal for Daniel of the year, however. He aswell produced a song with Jack Rowan blue-blooded “Arigatou”, which was absolute altered to his added productions.I initially contacted Daniel in December about accomplishing an interview, but due to him accepting based in Denmark and DJing throughout the world, it has taken a while to get authority of him.BiographyIn contempo years, absolute few Danish musicians accept had the aforementioned appulse on the apple of cyberbanking brawl music as that of Daniel Kandi.Now accustomed as a arch name in the all-around abstraction scene, Daniel has been at the top of his bold for abounding years accepting been amenable for some of the a lot of memorable releases in contempo memory, such as ‘Breathe,’ ‘Change The World’ ‘Symphonica’ and ‘#Trancefamily,’ and he has lit up the apple with his amphitheater agitation performances.One of alone a baddest few artists to accept been alone alleged by Armin van Buuren to play at the A State of Abstraction 400, 450, 500 and 550 parties, Daniel has aswell performed at the bigger contest in the apple such as contest such as Abstraction Energy, All-around Gathering and Tomorrowland. Hailing from Denmark, Daniel has been about the apple and aback again, arena the bigger club shows from Pacha, Buenos Aires to Ministry Of Complete London, and at arch cities such as Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore, Rio De Janeiro and everywhere in between, earning himself afterwards appearances in DJ Magazine’s coveted ‘Top 100 DJ’s’ poll.Daniel is added than just a DJ; a arch artisan on apple acclaimed labels such as Anjunabeats, Armada and Enhanced, and his own Enhanced sub-label, Consistently Alive, he is heavily featured on acclaimed shows like A State Of Abstraction and Group Therapy, and advised an complete fan favourite of the admirers of those shows with an amaranthine account of Approaching Favourite / Almanac of the Week accolades to his name. Not to acknowledgment he is aswell the brilliant of his own radio show, Consistently Alive, a advertise of the a lot of afresh apparent talent. It’s not alone on the airwaves that Daniel’s productions accept dominated, for you will be harder apprenticed to anytime see the top download archive be absent of his amazing productions.Such are his ambassador achievements; Daniel is one of the a lot of in appeal remixers for the abstraction genre, adopted by the bigger names for remix treatment, such as Aloft & Beyond and Gareth Emery.One of the a lot of colourful artists in the scene, Daniel Kandi will abide to be one of its arch lights for abounding years to come.InterviewQ: How Did Your Activity Begin?A: Well, let’s go aback to even afore I was born. My mum was in actuality abundant with me and she was on a baby Cessna with my dad and a acquaintance of chastening in in fact bad weather. My dad’s acquaintance was the pilot, and he allegedly didn’t accept a affidavit or a admittance to in actuality fly in bad weather, abnormally with a baby Cessna. They were advantageous abundant to get authority of the bureau ascendancy on the arena during this storm, and they were the ones who guided the pilot down safely. At one point, however, the pilot did in actuality say ‘May Day’ and accepting like that, as the engine went out during the landing. If my mum told me that – I anticipate the aboriginal time was if I was about 12 or 13 – it fabricated me realise how advantageous I am because I wasn’t in fact declared to be around, obviously, if things had gone differently. That was a fun alpha to everything.Growing up, I was absolute different. My mum affectionate of knew that already from, I think, if I was about age three or four… or something like that. It could be attributed to the actuality that I was built-in not alive, if you can say so. See, my affection was out for about four account or something like that afore they got it started again. Three or four minutes. That could accept advance to me acceptable not in fact retarded, but a bit appropriate in ways. That’s what we’re in actuality aggravating to attending into now: if I accept got Asperger’s Syndrome and accepting like that. I accept consistently been a little bit special. Everybody who knows me, has apparent me on video and sees me about the decks knows that I am a bit altered to so abounding added people.I did accept a afflicted alpha and got afraid a lot in academy because I was that different. Besides that, I didn’t accept my absolute dad about from if I was about one year old until I was about nine. I had a step-dad instead. I consistently wondered who my absolute dad was, area does he reside and accepting like that. I started talking to my absolute dad if I was about nine, and he concluded up accepting a allotment of my activity for about a year or so. The acquaintance started slowly, but we got to talking again. He eventually flew me from the arctic allotment of Denmark over to him in Copenhagen, and I got to apperceive him again. So I had a bit of a alarming start, but I accept learnt to reside with how things were. Acutely you can’t ascendancy that affectionate of stuff.Q: What Motivated You To Become A DJ?A: At aboriginal I in fact just capital to accomplish music. I started DJing at the age of thirteen if I entered a adolescence club that had a basin table, which is ironically one of my added passions. That’s area I got to apperceive basin and the music ancillary of it, because of the disco tech they had there, area you could acquire a authorization and angle there and play music for whoever would be there and stuff. That’s about how I got into DJing. Appropriate about that time, my aunt had a admirer who was a DJ himself in some of the bounded clubs in my town. He showed me a affairs alleged Cool Edit Pro, and that was in fact if I started sampling accepting and authoritative my own tunes, even at the age of about thirteen. Aback then, you didn’t accept any able sequencer, the accessories was deficient and the computers were not in fact that good. You apperceive how it was afore we entered the ‘Pentium Age’, and it was really, in fact harder to run these programs.

Sometimes you would accept the ‘out of memory’ botheration because it was such an old PC, but it was fun in actuality to alpha out that way: the DJing, accomplishing the sampling and aggravating to actualize brawl music… that way, about thirteen, yeah.Q: Tell Us About How You Feel The Moment Afore You DJ?A: In fact it depends on the admeasurement of the gig and if it’s the aboriginal time in a new territory. Of advance if I go to play in London at Ministry [of Sound], it’s consistently appropriate because it’s a abundant nightclub, and it’s got a abundant reputation. It’s been active for so, so abounding years. It’s a captious crowd. They do like their trance, and they do like their house, but you accept to accumulate aural assertive boundaries, I think, and just try to accumulate it in fact harder because that’s what the army loves there. We are actuality in London now, and I’m traveling to play there tonight. I’m in actuality arena afterwards John O’Callaghan, which is traveling to be boxy because he plays in fact hard. I’m digging abysmal in my almanac box today to in actuality see what I should play because I don’t ambition to play too soft. Humans ability leave if I do that. So in actuality tonight I’m a little bit nervous, because even admitting I accept been actuality before, this is traveling to be the hardest one to chase up on because I accept consistently had anyone play either softer or slower afore me.Last time I was actuality with Gareth Emery, it was in fact simple because he just played in fact banging and accelerating stuff. He in actuality larboard me a lot of allowance to body on his 34 BPM. That was a acceptable gig, and that was streamed as able-bodied online. The reactions were aswell in fact good. Tonight I am a bit added nervous, but in accepted if you get to those big festivals, if you get to 5 or 6 thousand humans at a mini alfresco anniversary or something like that, that’s if I can alpha to get in fact nervous. I anticipate if you get afraid admitting it’s a acceptable affair because it agency you in fact ambition it as well, and you’re not apathetic of it. Appropriate afore I DJ, I will try and compose myself. I will accept a canteen of baptize and accomplish abiding all my accepting is in place. Then, I’ll go on date and try and feel the army in some faculty and just yield it from there.Q: How Would You Describe The Experience Of DJing In Front Of Thousands Of People?A: Able-bodied continuing on the endure question, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s not as intimate, and you don’t in fact get to allocution to as abounding humans in the army as, let’s say, a army of about 5 or six hundred people, which is, like, the optimum. Annihilation amid 5 hundred and a thousand humans is area you get the ultimate acquaintance because you can attending at everybody and affectionate of try and point humans out, abnormally if humans accept assertive items and memorabilia with them. If they accept a assurance or boom or shirt with your logo on or something like that, it’s simple to point out if you accept those baby crowds. If you get to the in fact huge crowds, however, if you play the appropriate tune, there is annihilation bigger than seeing 5 or six thousand humans jumping up and down for just one track. That’s an amazing feeling.Q: How Did You Get Into Bearing Brawl Music?A: I consistently capital to accomplish EDM in some array of sense. If I started out, I was alert to a lot of very shitty Euro-dance, if you can alarm it that. We accept all been there, if you’re about my age, 29. We all started authoritative really, in fact dance-y music, like Euro-dance stuff, but capital to accomplish it added abstraction as well. In 1999 or 98, I anticipate the aboriginal clue I heard like this was Paul Van Dyk’s – “For An Angel”. That was one of them, because that got into the club archive in Denmark. It was amazing because annihilation of abstraction had anytime in fact got into the charts. Afresh Cosmic Gate’s “Exploration Of Space” hit the radio waves, and that was in fact huge as well. That was before, as you acutely know. Cosmic Gate are now abundant added abysmal and progressive.It was a acceptable start. Afresh you had Mythos ‘N DJ Cosmo, Aloft & Beyond and Cygnus X Superstring and accepting like that… those kinds of tracks. I got them on the Dream Brawl abstracts from Germany, and I affectionate of congenital from there. That’s if I knew what I capital to do. Oh yeah, acutely I can’t overlook ATB’s “9pm till I come” – massive tune. So that’s affectionate of area it started for me.Q: If You Produce A Song, What Is Your Aboriginal Step?A: Actually, because I accomplish the melodies that I do, a lot of humans anticipate I would alpha out with the melody at first. If I do that though, it in actuality makes it harder to mix on top of a beat. So I consistently alpha with authoritative the exhausted first, and already I am affronted with the exhausted and the baseline, I can affectionate of plan the melody on top of that. It makes it simple to mix and it makes it complete better, in my point of appearance anyway. That’s how I go about it, usually with the exhausted and baseline.Q: How Did You Go About Accepting Your Aboriginal Song Signed?A: Let’s go aback to Euro-dance accepting about 2002, or in actuality 2001. I was declared to do a remix for Barcode Bothers’ “SMS”, which was a in fact abominable song. I beatific them the remix as it was instrumentally, and I said to them, “I ambition the vocals so I can do the remix”. It was a cantankerous over amid abstraction and Euro brawl at the aforementioned time. They said they in fact admired it, but the individual was already out and they weren’t absolution any remixes from it. What they offered instead was for me to remix Catch’s “Walk On Water,” which was a pop song as well. I concluded up in actuality realising that as my aboriginal absolute track, a remix of “Walk On Water”, a clue which Aloft & Beyond allegedly aswell remixed. I just acquainted in fact blessed to be on that vinyl, accepting on the B-side, with Aloft & Beyond accepting the A-side remix. That was in fact an amazing activity to be honest.Q: Your Radio Appearance And Almanac Characterization Are Both Alleged ”Always Alive”, Area Did This Appear From?A: I anticipate I just capital something that in fact just looked acceptable on print. It wasn’t that I was aggravating to anytime anticipate about what I could do that would chronicle to the absolute complete of the label. I knew that I capital to accomplish some array of name for the radio appearance that would angle out. I didn’t just ambition to alarm it “One Hour Abstraction Session by Daniel Kandi”, because everybody has got “Trance Session” or “Trance-port” – in fact all-encompassing titles for radio shows. Not that there is annihilation amiss with it, I just didn’t ambition it accident to my radio show. As blessed as its sounds with “Always Alive”, the accomplished affair came from a chill-out clue that I started aback in the day alleged “Almost Alive”. I thought, “I can’t alarm it ‘Almost Alive’. It’s got to be A and A, because that on cardboard looks in fact good”. So “Always Alive” just became the name for the radio appearance at first, and afresh acutely it was a accustomed affair to alarm the characterization “Always Animate Recordings”. It sounds good, so that’s why I capital to name it that.Q: In 2010 You Were Ranked At Number 77 In The DJ Mag 100, What Did This Mean To You?A: That was a aloft ability for the aggregation abaft me and anybody that formed in fact harder for it. It was just a way of saying, ‘you’re accomplishing alright at the moment’. That was aback if abstraction was still accomplishing alright, compared to now, here, area a lot of the house-y styles are aggregate with trance. If you attending at the Beatport top hundred, a lot of it is in fact not trance, but rather it’s the accomplished new “Trance 2.0″ affair traveling on. Aback afresh a abstraction DJ could accomplish it in the top hundred, and nowadays we see so abounding altered styles, like dubstep and cool duper electric music, in fact accomplishing able-bodied on the DJ Mag.It’s added difficult now if you’re a abstraction DJ, which is aswell why I’m aggravating to annex out a little bit – not because I’m afraid about the DJ Mag ranking, but because I aswell ambition to play at the big festivals. Let’s be fair. The DJ Mag rankings accept an aftereffect on what promoters go and do. Sadly, they do attending at a rank, but they should attending at what a DJ is able of and what he brings to the table. I do accept that even if I don’t get in this year afresh – because I accept been out of it for two years now, just alfresco the top hundred. I anticipate I was 124 this year or endure year – I still anticipate that it’s a acceptable affair that I can get appointed out for in fact acceptable parties. I just charge to get authority of some added festivals now. Granted, if we get to the DJ Mag votings at the end of September/October and I’m not in again, it’s not traveling to be a aloft problem. I’m just appreciative to accept been there for two years in a row.Q: If You Were A Child, Did You Imagine That You Would Be Accomplishing What You Are Accomplishing Now?A: I consistently had a dream about it. I would be singing to myself constantly, to the point area my mum would in actuality be in fact affronted sometimes. I started watching a lot of aptitude shows on TV if I was a kid if they started out, way afore X Factor and Idol and accepting like that. If it was about singing or authoritative music or something like that, I watched it. I consistently had this activity that I capital to do something with music. I didn’t apperceive what it was, but I anticipate that if I started at the adolescence club at about twelve or thirteen, I affectionate of knew that was the alley I capital to go down, no bulk what it would take. I even anticipation to myself, if it comes down to me accomplishing music abounding time and catastrophe up active like a bum (which I in actuality concluded up accomplishing for a while because I didn’t ambition to abide afterwards the tenth brand of school), afresh that was the way I had to do it. I just in fact capital to bet on it one hundred percent. I couldn’t let added humans appear and do the accepting I capital to do. I acquainted like, “I accept got to do it now afore it’s too late”, which is asinine because I was maybe about eighteen or nineteen if all this started. I acquainted like, “I charge to bustle up because there is traveling to be some added humans that can do this accepting as well”. So, yeah, I consistently in fact capital to get advanced of the bold and do it afore demography an education. I affectionate of affliction it a little bit now, as I apperceive it would be a acceptable affair to accept something to abatement aback on, if, let’s say, I should become deafened or advance some added affliction for authoritative music. But you know, you just try and do the best you can, and that’s what I accept approved to do.Q: At The Alpha Of Your Career, Who Were The A lot of Admiring Humans About You At The Time?A: Actually, there weren’t that many. My mum and dad were like, “you accept got to accept an education, and you accept got to do this, and you accept got to do that.” I didn’t in fact affliction for it, and honestly, I was not in too acceptable alcohol with my mum and dad sometimes, as they consistently said you accept got to accept money to pay hire and accepting like that. I couldn’t see accomplished the music. I was just action aggregate on it that I could, which was in some agency acutely stupid, but I just really, in fact capital it. As for the admiring people: we accept got to allocution about an old bassinet of abundance whom I’m not in fact on acceptable agreement with now, but who in fact saw something in me and the aptitude that I had. Starting out accomplishing remixes, even admitting it was shitty pop music, I still had a acceptable allowance for authoritative acceptable melodies and stuff. He affectionate of knew that and capital to body that potential, so he was one of the a lot of admiring humans if I started out with the music. Besides that really, it was an acclivous action for the a lot of allotment until I started accepting recognised, accepting signings and DJ jobs.Q: What Has Kept You Traveling If You Accept Experienced Setbacks?A: There accept been a few setbacks. I anticipate the actuality that I just said to myself, “you apperceive what, I can’t fail, this is what I want”, kept me going. I just kept assertive that at some point, I would accomplish one or two advance that would affectionate of accessible the door. Eventually “Breathe” was the clue that opened that door, because that was the aboriginal tune that I got active to Anjunabeats.Just afore that, a acceptable acquaintance of abundance in Denmark alleged Michael and I appear a clue alleged “Sorrow”. That one got active to a now asleep label. We concluded up not seeing a dime of that, as it didn’t sell. That was affectionate of like the aboriginal setback area I felt, “OK this is never traveling to appear for me” or whatever.Following this, I beatific a admirers of “Breathe” to Anjunabeats, and I didn’t apprehend annihilation from them until like two or three weeks into the process. I thought, “OK, if they don’t acknowledgment aural two or three canicule or something, they accept to abhorrence it or they don’t like it or what not”. So I went on a massive bender and got really, in fact affronted with myself and in actuality anticipation I was never traveling to get signed, I was never traveling to do annihilation with abstraction and accepting like that. Then, suddenly, I went to like a bedrock concert in Copenhagen, and while I was on the brawl attic with a brace of accompany of mine, my buzz went crazy. I had something like, twenty argument letters and humans saying, “Dude you’re on the fucking radio appearance with Aloft & Beyond! You’re on their Ministry Of Complete radio with their Abstraction About The Apple radio show, and they were arena it!” That was aback if they were still bond reside on CDJs and accepting from Ministry Of Complete radio. That was the aboriginal goose aflutter activity I got about it, and admitting the setbacks, it was account the wait. It got active in 2006, aboriginal 2006. If I went home from that – I’m not badinage you. I larboard the bedrock concert afore it chock-full – I anon angry on my pc, in fact shaking, absent to apprehend the radio rip of the Abstraction About The World. I anticipate it was 85 or 86 episodes, but if I heard them acknowledgment my name, it was one of the best animosity anytime because I affectionate of knew that this was my aperture opened. I acquainted that from there, it was all traveling to be alright.

Q: Area Does Your Drive And Affection Appear From?A: It apparently comes from the actuality that I got afraid a lot. Everybody said, “you’re a fucking abortion and you are a no acceptable person”. I was fabricated fun of because I was acutely altered and apparently aswell because of my sexuality, accepting mostly into guys, that fabricated me assume so different. I anticipate kids can that appears to that appears to smell it. They do that appears to that appears to smell a altered sexuality, and I just didn’t play brawl with the guys outside, I didn’t get addled or run about and act like accepted guys or boys would do at that age. I was just in fact afraid in that sense, and they consistently told me, “you apperceive what, you are never traveling to bulk to anything”. For some acumen they would even aces on my mum, and they had never in fact met my mum. That in fact angered me, and I was just like “OK, I’m traveling to accomplish it”. So allotment of my success I owe to the bullies, which you can see is a agnate case with so abounding entrepreneurs about the apple that acclimated to be geeks. They can apparently aswell acknowledge their bullies, in a sense, because the bullies motivated them to go on and become something greater than what these guys were. I apperceive for a actuality that some of the bullies accept amounted to in fact nothing, alive a approved job in a boutique or something. I accept one acquaintance who has said to me, “sorry for accepting like I was if I was a kid, and I ambition that I could yield that back”. At the aforementioned time, that accepting said “you are in fact active the dream. I spent such a continued time aggravating to acquisition out what I ambition to do and not in fact traveling for what my affection is because the affection ability be alarming or something like that, in agreement of job opportunities”. He said he in fact envies the actuality that I am travelling the apple about 30 out of 35 weekends a year and see so abounding altered cultures. I can in fact account that if it comes from a aloft bully, in that sense, adage apologetic about that. The bullies accept been the motivators, mostly.Q: Do You Accept In A Higher Power?A: I do, but I do not accept in a god per se.Q: Area Does Your Afflatus Appear From?A: My afflatus comes from life, like before: failures, adulation relationships and acceptable friendships. Nowadays, let’s say if I’m accomplishing a tune that’s just about acceptable affair music – a acceptable archetype would be the new “Arigatou” – it’s not too abundant about afflatus from activity or annihilation like that; it’s just me and my acquaintance absent to accomplish a in fact acceptable melody and, at the aforementioned time, accept a in fact acceptable active baseline. It doesn’t consistently accept to be about afflatus from life. Sometimes it’s just, “let’s accomplish a acceptable affair tune, accept a brace of drinks and affectionate of see how it goes from there”. “Arigatou” was the latest aftereffect area it was added about accepting fun and seeing how we could go about it in the studio.Q: What Do You Anticipate Are The A lot of Important Elements To Accepting Successful?A: I anticipate the a lot of important affair is that you break accurate to yourself no bulk what appearance you make: harder style, dubstep, trance, abode or whatever. Just try and do what you feel is right, and if the music is acceptable enough, it will allege for itself. Humans will like you because the music will be the a lot of accurate to you, compared to if you try and chase trends and afresh humans alpha to chase you alone that way. It’s just about in fact blockage accurate to yourself I think. Appropriate now, I’m at the cross-roads area I ambition a bigger audience, but it’s harder not to advertise out if you allocution to adorning abstraction fans, because they consistently feel that you’re affairs out if you do accepting like “Arigatou” or added house-y accepting that’s a 130 BPM. It’s the actuality that aggregate has to be 138 or 135 BPM and aloft and has to be with a rolling baseline and be trance. I accept got to stop searching at that and accomplish music that I like to do. I anticipate that’s the a lot of important thing. If I do what I like, the absolute humans who ambition to chase me for what I do will still be there I think.Q: What Are Your Approaching Plans?A: My approaching affairs would be affective to the Cayman Islands or Hawaii. No, it would be just to abide accomplishing this for about fifteen or twenty years and try and save up money for a quiet activity or something like that. Just, in general, to accumulate on travelling and to try and in actuality biking able-bodied – be as abundant in business chic as possible, so I can save my health, and not accepting in abridgement chic all the time. Just accepting a acceptable time, aerial around, accomplishing these gigs and hopefully accepting to bigger and bigger crowds.